Diabetes Medication Protocol
For Procedures Requiring IV Sedation


Oral Medications (pills or tablets):
                • Hold all oral or non-insulin injectable diabetes medications the morning of the procedure.

Insulin Therapy:

                1. Type 1 Diabetes:
                              o Reduce basal insulin (NPH, glargine, Detemir) by 50% on the evening before procedure.
                              o Hold all other insulin on the day of the procedure.
                 2. Type 2 Diabetes:
                              o NPH and Lente:
                                             If your procedure/surgery is before 12 PM, reduce the evening dose before your procedure/surgery by 20% and reduce dose                                                                                          on the morning of the procedure/surgery by 50%.
                                             If your procedure/surgery is after 12 PM, reduce the dose by 50% on the morning of the procedure/surgery.
                               o Glargine (U100, U300), Detemir,  Degludec (U100, U200)
                                             If you take this in the mornings, reduce by 50% on the morning of the procedure/surgery.
                                             If you take this in the evening, reduce by 50% the dose on the evening before the procedure/surgery.
                               o Split-Mixed Insulin (70/30, 75/25, 50/50)
                                             Reduce evening dose prior to procedure by 20%, and reduce morning of the procedure dose by 50%.
                               o Pump Basal Insulin
                                             Continue basal rate ONLY on the day of procedure.
                                             Stop all other insulin.




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