Hip Pain

Hip pain is the sensation of discomfort in or around the hip joint, where the upper end (head) of the thigh bone (femur) fits into the socket of the hip bone.

What Causes Hip Pain?

The hip joint is a large weight bearing joint that attaches the leg bone (femur) to the pelvis. It is an extremely important joint, as it allows the body to walk, run, and sit. The hip is a very strong structure, but still can be damaged. Hip pain truly has a number of causes, most of which are related to degeneration, injury, or inflammation of the muscles, bones, joints, and tendons located in the hip area. Common causes of hip pain include arthritis, bursitis, bone fracture, muscle spasms, and strains. Hip pain can also result from disorders causing pain radiating from the spine and back, such as sciatica and herniated discs. Sports-related injuries, motor vehicle accidents and falls in the elderly are subject to the most crucial hip injuries. However, severe chronic hip pain is often due to arthritis.

How Do We Treat Hip Pain?

At Pain Care Specialists of Oregon, we know how to treat hip pain and injury. Our multidisciplinary approach incorporates state-of-the-art medical technology and the finest healthcare expertise to return you to a pain-free and active lifestyle. Our doctors and staff specialize in treating hip pain and the disorders that cause pain. There are many surgical and interventional options for severe causes of arthritis and joint pain. The most common and recommended methods to treating arthritis are conservative alternative therapy provided by a pain specialist. Staying active and physical therapy as well as NSAIDs and Acetaminophen (Tylenol), have also proven to be beneficial. A joint injection may be considered for patients with symptoms suggesting arthritis. The injection can help relieve pain by reducing the inflammation and numbing the joint and can also help diagnose the source of pain. The most important and greatest success achieved with the use of joint injections is the rapid relief of symptoms that allows you to experience enough relief to become active again. With this you regain the ability to resume your normal daily activities that was not achieved with oral medications and physical therapy.

Whatever the cause of your hip pain, the professionals at Pain Care Specialists of Oregon will diagnose and treat it using cutting-edge technology and the finest medical attention.

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