Sacroiliac Joint Pain

What Causes Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

There are several causes of Sacroiliac Joint Pain. One such cause are traumatic injuries. Traumatic injuries to the Sacroiliac Joint are caused when there is a sudden impact which ‘jolts’ the joint. A common example is landing on the buttocks. This kind of injury usually causes damage to the ligaments which support the joint. Other causes include hormonal changes, which most notably during pregnancy can cause sacroiliac pain. In preparation for giving birth, the ligaments of the pelvis especially increase in laxity. Combining this with an increase in weight putting extra strain on the spine, may lead to mechanical changes which can result in pain. Other potential causes of sacroiliac joint pain include leg length discrepancy, a twisted pelvis and inflammatory joint disease.

How Is Sacroiliac Joint Pain Treated?

At Pain Care Specialists of Oregon, we know how to treat Sacroiliac Joint Pain. Doctor-prescribed medications may be effective in reducing the inflammation. However, if the medications are ineffective or if they produce undesirable side effects, an injection into the joint may be effective.

Our approach incorporates state-of-the-art medical technology and the finest healthcare expertise to return you to a pain-free and active lifestyle. Our doctors and staff specialize in treating Sacroiliac Joint Pain. The professionals at Pain Care Specialists of Oregon will diagnose and treat it using cutting-edge technology and the finest medical attention.

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